The goals of the Faith Communities Coalition on Foster Care are to

  • Provide gatherings in which representatives from congregations, organizations and service agencies can hear inspiring speakers and collaborate together.
  • Help alleviate the suffering of OUR Michigan children in care by asking congregations to partner with a social service agency in a particular project.
  • Encourage congregations to issue calls for potential foster/ adoptive parents, mentors and respite care givers to become licensed and available when needed.

Imagine the tremendous impact it will have when every faith community in Michigan reaches out to our kids in care through  just one or two of these projects.



Individuals and Congregations are making a big difference! Whether you have a minute, an hour, or a day, you can impact many lives in foster care.

We are a catalyst to educate and motivate faith communities to engage in at least one project or program that will support foster children in Michigan.

STATEWIDE COORDINATOR: Our Faith Communities Coalition on Foster Care is coordinated by the Rev. Dr. Kate Thoresen, Parish Associate for Foster/Adoptive Families Partnerships of First Presbyterian Church, Birmingham. This church is the fiduciary and provides office passed along to meet the needs of our foster children, youth, alumni and families. She can be reached at [email protected] or 248-835-8151.

What are the benefits of belonging?

You will be assisted in your own mission to raise awareness and involvement in congregations concerning foster care in several ways:

  • Connections with others in your area who are involved with foster care.
  • Help equip you to be a catalyst where social service organizations and congregations can meet together to form partnerships on behalf of foster children, foster families and aging out youth.
  • You have people you can call directly for ideas, resources and encouraging support.
  • FCC regional groups can coordinate several congregations to meet specific large projects. Example: Over 400 school backpacks were collected for DHHS and local service agencies through the donations of several congregations.
  • Find handy resources, information and inspiration

“Thank You Faith Communities Coalition on Foster Care for working with TIP Wayne State to improve the lives of college students who have been in foster care!”

Jeremy Mitchell
Wayne State University’s Transitioning Into Independence Program

“This was my first semester in college and it was so hard. I wanted to quit. But then the care package came during exam time and I realized that there are others who really care about me. So I’ve enrolled for next semester.”

-College Youth

“The generosity of strangers has changed my life. I want to pass this along to others”

Grandmother in Southwest, Michigan suddenly responsible for 3 grandchildren who received needed supplies, diapers, clothing, formula and other emergency needs met

He said it was one of his best days ever and he is very appreciative of your help and generosity… I wanted to say thank you to both of you for helping with this! In the 2 ½ years I’ve been doing this job, I think today was one of my favorite days!”

A case worker was given emergency funds to take a 12 year old shopping for a new bike. He was also able to buy equipment for his brother and sister who live in other foster homes. Later she wrote this email.

“I want to say how deeply moved I was by the Faith Community effort. I came away knowing for sure that there are many people who care for the children…
…We were like a big extended family!
Thank you for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who radiate love and understanding at a level I have rarely experienced. I felt a deep spiritual connection with you all.”

Joanne Riebschleger, PhD, LMSW fro Michigan State University who came to talk about the MSU Summer Camp for Aging Out Youth